Scholarship Appeal Form

*This form is NOT for future ISU students (not currently enrolled). You must be a currently enrolled ISU student to submit an appeal.
*Only documents and information submitted through this online form will be accepted.
*Your responses must be thorough and thoughtful, especially regarding why you need to appeal.
*Complete all required questions, and submit any additional documentation that may support your appeal.
*The completed appeal form will be reviewed by the Scholarship Review Board. All decisions are final.
*Submission of the appeal does not imply or guarantee any particular outcome, including approval of the appeal.
*The results of your appeal will be sent to you via your ISU Sycamores Email address.

*Questions? Please contact the University Scholarship Office by email at:

Supplemental Questions
  1. Indicate Type of Appeal.
  2. Scholarship(s) being appealed:
  3. Explain the circumstances that contributed to the need for this appeal. Be very thorough with your response. If needed, you may upload additional documentation.
  4. Upload any additional supporting documentation. *Preferred document type is a Word Document*