Scholarship Appeal Form-Spring 2022

Policies and Procedures
*This form is NOT for future ISU students (not currently enrolled). You must be a currently enrolled ISU student to submit an appeal.
*Only documents and information submitted through this online form will be accepted.
*Your responses must be thorough and thoughtful, especially regarding why you need to appeal.
*Complete all required questions, and submit any additional documentation that may support your appeal.
*The completed appeal form will be reviewed by the Scholarship Review Board. All decisions are final.
*Submission of the appeal does not imply or guarantee any particular outcome, including approval of the appeal.
*The results of your appeal will be sent to you via your ISU Sycamores Email address.

*Questions? Please contact the University Scholarship Office by email at:

Supplemental Questions
  1. Indicate Type of Appeal.
  2. Scholarship(s) being appealed:
  3. Please explain the circumstances that contributed to the need for this appeal. Be very thorough with your response. If needed, you may upload additional documentation.
  4. Upload any additional supporting documentation. *Preferred document type is a Word Document*