Scott College of Business - Insurance and Risk Management General Scholarship Application

I understand that by applying for the 2021-22 Insurance and Risk Management program scholarships, my information may be shared with others at Indiana State University, in the Scott College of Business, and scholarship donors. If I receive a scholarship, my name, the name of the scholarship, and the amount of the scholarship may be advertised and become public knowledge. Personal information will not be shared publicly.

You will be required to attend the Insurance and Risk Management scholarship luncheon (unless you are an out of state/distance student) that will be announced at a later time. Attendance at the luncheon is required to maintain your scholarship.

In addition, the disbursement of scholarship funds are contingent upon my continuation in the Insurance and Risk Management program as a major or minor and status as a full-time student. Any change in my major or minor and/or full-time status will result in the loss of my scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Campus Address
  2. Please upload your unofficial transcript
  3. Anticipated date of graduation
  4. Insurance Courses Completed at ISU
    • Insurance Courses Completed at ISU (please check all that apply)
  5. Insurance course in progress.
    • Insurance course in progress (please check all that apply)
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